Presentey Engineering


Presentey Engineering Products Limited


PEPL supplies a variety of EMSEC, COMSEC, ruggedized MIL-SPEC and Perimeter Protection/Interception products and services to the Canadian Government, Military, Security Agencies and commercial markets. The company is a charter member of the Canadian Industrial Tempest Program (CITP), a program managed by the Canadian government to foster Canadian sources of TEMPEST products and services. PEPL personnel have significant experience in EMSEC/COMSEC and product design and modification, product and laboratory certification and systems design. The company’s activities in this business area include:

  • Business Development, Modification, Distribution, Support of EMSEC, COMSEC, and ruggedized MIL-SPEC products
  • Design and integration of EMSEC and COMSEC systems
  • Engineering and Project Management services relating to the design, installation, testing and training of secure communications and information handling systems


Specializing in qualified defense and government customers’ needs of high-assurance IT products and systems, our products are used throughout NATO by national as well as central authorities. Our customers enjoy being able to select the latest technology with confidence that formal requirement and standard are met.



Apricorn, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of PC storage products, utilities and accessories. Established in 1983 by entrepreneurs Paul Brown and Mike Gordon, Apricorn quickly became an industry leader supplying a family of Apple interface products. In 1989, Apricorn became the world’s first provider of third-party memory modules for portable computers. Since then, Apricorn has expanded its product line to include a family of portable computing peripheral solutions.


RADA Electronic Industries Ltd is a defense electronics system house specializing in the design, development, production and sales of advanced electronic systems for airborne and land applications. RADA provides complete system solutions designed primarily for the aerospace and defense market.

Secure Shredder

Whitaker Brothers is recognized worldwide as a leader in the data destruction industry with paper shredders and disintegrators/granulators from manufacturers like MBM Destroyit, Martin Yale Intimus and HSM Securio. Over 65 years of experience enables us to respond with products renowned for quality, durability and value as solutions to the ever-changing security needs of our customers and the evolving field of data storage.


For over 28 years, fully rugged AMREL computer platforms have survived gunfire, combat, tornados, fire, mud, and car crashes. Whether they’re working on a moving train, running into a combat zone, or pursuing a criminal, warfighters, First Responders, and industrial workers know their AMREL computers are as tough and reliable as they are.

AMREL’s battle-hardened ruggedized computers have successfully been used in applications for unmanned systems, biometrics, military & critical communications, Public Safety, construction, surveying, and many more.